KBACH Travel Club

KBACH Travel Club

The KBACH Travel Club is a group of public radio listeners who are passionate about traveling and learning new things. It’s a special benefit available to KBACH members who give $10 a month or more to the station.


KBACH Travel Club Benefits

  • Hear about our upcoming trips before we announce them to the public
  • Connect with fellow public radio listeners who share your passion for travel and learning new things, both on our trips and on our private Facebook group
  • Receive a Travel Club e-newsletter every season with updates on recent and upcoming trips as well as a roundup of travel-related stories on public radio

Travel with KBACH

You listen to music on KBACH because it creates a relaxing experience for you. But did you know that KBACH also produces great travel experiences for listeners? We’ve been crafting experiential learning trips for small groups of public radio listeners since 2013, putting them together with the same attention to detail and context that we give to the musical playlists we curate for the air.

What makes traveling with KBACH different from commercial tours?

  • Travel with public radio staff
  • Make new friends in small groups of 10 to 25 travelers who share your interests
  • Feel like a local with on-the-ground contacts who help tell the story of every destination
  • Participate in unique activities that engage all five senses
  • Enjoy a trip planned with curious public radio listeners like you in mind

Where have listeners traveled with KBACH in the past?



2323 West 14th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 774-8400


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