Listening Options

Listening Options

If you are having problems listening, please visit our help page or contact us via our online streaming issues form.

On the Radio...

Listen to us on 89.5 FM in the Phoenix metro area or 89.7 FM in Fountain Hills.

Smart Speakers

K-BACH Alexa icon

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

Listen to our live KBACH audio stream on your Amazon Echo and Echo Dot via the Alexa voice assistant. Simply add the KBACH Alexa Skill to your device, then say "Alexa, play KBACH." To pause or stop, say "Alexa, pause" or "Alexa stop".

Google Home

Listen to our live KBACH audio stream on your Google Home device by saying "OK Google, play KBACH." To pause or stop, say "OK Google, pause" or "OK Google stop."

Mobile Apps

KBACH Mobile app icon
KBACH Mobile App
With one-touch listening you can tune in to KBACH on your iOS or Android device.
Download KBACH mobile app from iTunes Download KBACH mobile app from Google Play
TuneIn Mobile app icon

TuneIn Mobile App
Available via Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Streaming Media Players

Free Media Players

MP3 Stream URL
For use with iTunes, Winamp, VLC, Windows Media Player

Note: KBACH and associated organizations are not promoting or recommending the use of any particular software and do not assume any liability for your downloading, installing and using any of the example listed players. Downloading, installation and use of those example players listed is at your own discretion. Be careful what you download!

KBACH Website

Access our online audio player by clicking the "Listen Now" button on the top right of the KBACH website.

Listen via HTML5 audio player:

TuneIn Website

KBACH is also available through the TuneIn radio website.

TuneIn website screenshot

Internet Radio

KBACH is available for streaming via internet radios - devices which connect to the internet to stream radio stations. In most cases, these radio manufacturers partner with internet radio companies, which maintain databases of radio station stream URLs for connection through their device. Some popular radio brands are Grace, C. Crane, and Bose.

Internet radio device

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