Sustaining Member

KBACH Sustaining Membership

What is a Sustaining Member?

Listeners who donate the same amount each month are called sustaining members because their regularly scheduled gifts are something KBACH can depend on.

It’s easy to become a sustaining member!

  1. Decide how much you want to give KBACH monthly
  2. Call Member Services at (480) 774-8400 or donate online here
  3. Contributions get automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card

What are the benefits of becoming a Sustaining Member?

It’s convenient.

You never have to remember to make your donation. It’s like setting up autopay for your bills: just set it and forget it. You can always increase your monthly donation or make an additional one-time donation later.

It’s easier to budget for.

If you get paid biweekly or monthly, you probably have categories in your monthly budget for things like housing, transportation, or food. Why not for public radio? If you’re not sure you’ll be able to make a large, one-time donation this year, you can spread it out over 12 months.

It saves money.

When you give monthly, you save us from spending time and resources asking you to make a donation every year. This means your donation goes even further as more of it can be spent on programming.

It helps us plan for the future.

We appreciate every annual donation, but when you give monthly, we know that we can depend on you to sustain us month after month. This helps us plan our budget for the year because we know we can pay for the programming you rely on.

You get a Loyalty Card with exclusive discounts at local businesses.

When you give monthly, you receive a Member Loyalty Card for your keychain with discounts and special offers at more than a dozen local businesses and restaurants across the Valley. Find all the latest discounts here.

You’re entered into all member drive contests.

When you give monthly, you never have to remember if you’ve donated during a member drive or entered a contest online. That’s because you’re automatically entered into every on-air contest! Sustaining members are frequently selected to receive these prizes.

Your Public Radio Weekly member e-newsletter includes exclusive ticket giveaways.

When you give monthly, you receive a special edition of the weekly e-newsletter with opportunities to enter ticket giveaways for local concerts and performances. Only sustaining members can enter these drawings, so check your email inbox every Tuesday morning.

You can join our Member Clubs.

When you give $10 a month or more, you can join our Book Club, Movie Club, Sip and Savor Club, or Travel Club. For example, Book Club members can participate in exclusive book and author discussions. And Movie Club members can enter drawings to attend local pre-release film screenings every single month.



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