At K-BACH we don’t just play what we want to hear, we like to play what you want to hear! We’re looking for the Most Wanted Classical music here in the Valley of the Sun. What would YOU most like to hear on K-BACH? Is it Gershwin’s Rhapsody, Mozart’s Jupiter, or Vivaldi’s Winter? Bach's Brandenburgs, Dvorak’s New World, or Barber’s Adagio? You can cast your votes through October 3, 2014.

If you've ever thought about going back and picking up that old instrument you used to play as a kid, Ari Goldman's book "The Late Starter orchestra" may just give you the inspiration you need to do it.  Goldman, a former new York Times Reporter and Author of the book "The Search For God at

It's the perfect addition to your lunch hour-- Join Linda Cassidy at Noon for K-Bach's "Most Wanted"-- an hour where we play the top 100 classical pieces voted on by you! And now, you can vote for THIS year's top 100 at
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Tell us who has inspired your music making. A teacher, parent or grandparent... maybe a student who made YOU see, hear or feel music in a new way. Let us help you say "thank you!" for the gift of music.

This Week in Classical Music

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