Tune in for classical tricks and treats, October 31, on KBACH. Enjoy ghastly selections sprinkled in throughout the day, plus an evening of horror-ble programming ...

Reel Music: Legendary Monsters of the Big Screen (6PM)
Look out! The monsters are loose! Get your fright on with music written for FrankensteinThe Wolf ManDraculaThe Mummy, and more. 

Reel Spooks (7PM)
A special edition of Reel Music, featuring themes from some of cinema’s most chilling films: Halloween, Cape FearPsychoThe ExorcistThe Bride of Frankenstein, and more!

KBACH’s Cauldron of Creepy Classics (8PM – 10PM)
Two hours of spine-tingling classics, including TotentanzDanse Macabre, and Night on Bald Mountain.

It's music to give you a chill, Halloween on KBACH.