2013 Grand Canyon Music Festival includes the Catalyst Quartet

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(Image Courtesy of Catalyst Quartet)

With Flute and Harmonica tucked in their packs, Clare Hoffman and Robert Bonfiglio embarked on a great Arizona adventure: A Five Day Rim to Rim Grand Canyon Hike. During the hike a park ranger stumbled across Clare playing her flute—and asked if she, and Robert, would play a concert that night. They did, and officially, the seeds for the Grand Canyon Music Festival were planted. This month the Grand Canyon Music Festival celebrates 30 years with a great roster of concerts including ETHEL, The Native American Composers Apprentice Project, and the up and coming Catalyst Quartet.

 The Catalyst Quartet performs Friday, August 30, and Saturday August 31 at the Shrine of the Ages, as part of the 30th Anniversary Season of the Grand Canyon Music Festival. The 2013 Grand Canyon Music Festival continues through September 8. For complete listings, visit grandcanyonmusicfest.org.