Phoenix Symphony: 75th Anniversary Season

KBACH is happy to join the Phoenix Symphony in counting down to their 75th anniversary season, opening October 22.

Listen to KBACH for selections featuring the Phoenix Symphony:

October 11, 8PM
Elgar: Elegy
October 12, 1PM
Rachmaninoff: Symphony #2: 4th Mvt.
October 13, 9AM
Mozart: Symphony #35 "Haffner"
October 14, 8PM
Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring
October 15, 3PM
Mozart: Don Giovanni Overture
Then, on opening week, listen each day at 3PM for a series of masterpieces performed by your own Phoenix Symphony.
October 18, 3PM
Brahms: Symphony #1
October 19, 3PM
Haydn: Symphony #69 "Laudon"
October 20, 3PM
Beethoven: Symphony #6 "Pastoral"
October 21, 3PM
Holst: The Planets
October 22, 3PM
Mozart: Symphony #41 "Jupiter"